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@Iona_RO wrote:

Q : My son has been depressed for a while now and is refusing to get help. Is depression normal during puberty or should I be pushing for a trip to the GP?


Linda : "Most teens are sad or upset at times, but this is different from depression. Depression is common in teens, but it isn’t simply a part of growing up, and it’s a good idea to seek help.

Signs your son may be depressed are things like:

- a consistent low mood (sadness, apathy or irritation)

- problems with sleep

- changes in appetite

- changes in behaviour (like not wanting to spend time with friends or not doing activities he usually enjoys)

- seeming hopeless or negative about the future or about themselves

If these symptoms last at least two weeks, and are present most of the time, this suggests he could be experiencing depression.

It can be really tricky when a teen doesn’t want to see a professional. Sometimes this may be because they are worried about being judged, don’t want to talk about what is happening, or don’t see how talking will help.

It’s important to be patient and continue to offer support - even if your son doesn’t want to talk to you, knowing you are available to listen can be reassuring and helpful. 

It can also be helpful to encourage healthy routines like eating well, exercising, and regularly doing hobbies or other enjoyable activities. Keep in mind that when someone is depressed even simple tasks feel like more effort, so keeping it simple is a good idea.

Your son might also be more willing to start with a small step like looking at information online or talking with a helpline.

Sometimes when people are depressed they experience thoughts of suicide. If your son expresses thoughts of suicide or self-harm, then I would recommend contacting a helpline or asking your GP for advice."


Resources : What to do if my teenager doesn’t want help

There are times when you do not know what to do and there is no solution to your problem. This can be a very stressful situation, as you may think that nobody else cares about you. But many people are waiting for an opportunity to help you and have a strong desire to solve your problems with their assistance.


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Hi @asfand and welcome to the ReachOut forums! Thank you for the input you have given here. I think you are right when you say that there are people waiting for an opportunity to help you when you are in need. This is a nice message to encourage others to reach out when they need a little bit of extra support with what they are going through!


Re: Event : Questions on Puberty

my son just turned 12 hates high school and as a single mum I give him everything but he is very angry and highly emotional and starting to get aggressive??
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Hi @nessmax2010 

Thanks for sharing with us, it sounds like you're feeling concerned about your 12 year old's behaviour at the moment. We'd love to explore this a bit further so we can provide you with the most appropriate support.

You've mentioned that he hates school - is there anything in particular happening at school for him to dislike it so much?

You've also shared that he is very angry and starting to get aggressive, what do that look like for him?