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A Guide for New Members

A Guide for New Members


A Guide for New Members

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Welcome to ReachOut parents, get support from other caring parents who've been through it before.


Here at ReachOut we've been supporting young people for 18 years, and we know you parents are instrumental in make sure your teens get the help that's right for them. So we've expanded our service and this is just for you! We offer fact sheets, stories, practical tips and - here at the heart of the service - our peer support community forums. 

ROP-Infographic_V7Why ReachOut parents?

Want to get started? It can help to quickly check out the guidelines (written by parents, for parents), and then a good first step is to either:

1. Introduce yourself - keep it anonymous, but tell us a bit about you, your kids and get to know the other parents


2. Get something off your chest by starting a topic in 'Talk about issues your teen/family is facing'.


3. If you feel like you have some wisdom to share, just reply to any of the topics already posted there.


4. To work on connection and communication with your teen/s, get in on the conversations already going on in the 'Connecting with teenagers and their wellbeing' section, or start your own topic.


5. From time-to-time we have special guests to talk through specific issues.


We're so glad you found us, and we want to hear from you! Looking froward to seeing the conversations grow, and if you have any feedback for us - here's the place to do it.


Reply below if you have any Qs!