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Community Guidelines: must read!!

Community Guidelines: must read!!

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Re: Community Guidelines: must read!!

Thanks Sophie great set of guide lines for us all to up hold.
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Re: Community Guidelines: must read!!

Mitzi, I agree with your suggested change to Cultural Diversity guidelines.


Re: Community Guidelines: must read!!

Hi guys, yes the first version is quick, easier to read, the second post is longer and has the detail.

We do need a version that people are more likely to read, but can go to the longer one if they want more details about why a certain guideline exists.

I'll make it more explicit! Thanks @Mitzi
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Re: Community Guidelines: must read!!

Hi, I’ve just re-read the guidelines and my son is 21. Should I continue to be on this forum.
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Re: Community Guidelines: must read!!

Hi @Nero4554,


Thank you for reaching out to ask about guidelines around age. You are more than welcome to continue to read and post, just keep in mind that some of the key issues discussed on the forums and resources offered are targeting parents of teens and may not always be relevant for young adults. Reading back through your posts, I know that so many parents here can relate to your story and we would like to continue to offer you support and connection with others who can understand. 


If you would like any options for youth related resources in future, we are also happy to point you in the direction of youth services too that may have more age-relevant information for your son Smiley Happy Hope this clears up your questions! If you need to check any of the guidelines, more than happy to chat them through with you in future.


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Re: Community Guidelines: must read!!

Hi Jess & all


My son is also not a teenager - about 35 - so if you can advise who would be best to contact re drug issues for someone that age I would be very grateful

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