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Goodbye from Gina- Ro

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Goodbye from Gina- Ro

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Hello parent community! 


I am writing here to let you all know that my time with Reachout is coming to an end.

I have loved working with you and our team to support and empower parents, and to work through all the ups and down that parenting brings! 

This is a really special community, and I have been moved and inspired by the willingness of everyone here to support each other so compassionately and freely. 

Keep up the amazing work, and keep making this community the best place it can be. 


My last day online will be Wednesday the 5th of June. I will miss you all!! 

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I'm just going to tag a few of our more active members, to make sure no-one misses this Heart


@sunflowermom  @PapaBill @JAKGR8 @Dad4good @Orbit64 @compassion  @Faob_1  @Schooner  @taokat @Lilly19 

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Re: Goodbye from Gina- Ro

Good bye Gina

Hope you are moving to bigger and better things and your find happiness in the change


Papa Bill

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Re: Goodbye from Gina- Ro

Oh you will be missed @gina-Ro . I wish you all the best in the next adventure. Thanks for you hard work and good luck. 


Big hugs. 

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Re: Goodbye from Gina- Ro



Thank you for lending these boards your heart and wisdom.  I have no doubt that the support you offered will have an afterlife in many of our lives.   Best of luck in your new adventures. 



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Re: Goodbye from Gina- Ro

Hi @gina-Ro,

Thank you so much for your time, consideration and expertise!!!!!

I wish you all the best, and that all the goodness you've provided comes back your way Smiley Happy
Parent/Carer Community Champion

Re: Goodbye from Gina- Ro

@PapaBill  @JAKGR8  @compassion @Dad4good 

Thank you all so much for your kind words and wishes! 


I will miss this community and the wonderful support that goes on Heart

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