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Hello Everyone!

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Hello Everyone!



I’m Ngaio (nigh-oh) the new Parent’s Community Coordinator at Reach Out Parents. I’m very excited to be in this role and even more excited to meet you all.


My background: I have worked with young people and their families for almost 10 years. I delivered training on youth engagement and health education to parents and youth workers. I worked with young people with alcohol or drug issues, supporting them and their families to improve their relationships and access treatment. I have worked with young people in Out of Home Care settings, managing a range of issues and behaviours. And I have presented on topics like sexual health, safe partying, respectful relationships and consent, among others. So I’ve picked up one or two tricks along the way.

I also parent 3 wonderful kids. Ages 23, 13 and 6. So I know just how much there is still to learn. Sigh.


Working with young people and their families is my passion and I’m thrilled to be here, working on building an amazing community with you and for you.

I am very keen to help the Parent’s Community not just grow but to grow in a way that is supportive and relevant for everyone. I know how complex things can get sometimes when raising kids, especially teenagers. It is a unique time of a person’s life and asks more from parents or carers than possibly any other stage. So it's incredibly important that parents have a place to go to build their skills. 

I am so confident that Reach Out Parents is, and can be, a community where people go for support, suggestions, feedback, and referrals to get through the hard times as well as a space to share, laugh, learn and encourage others when life gets a bit easier.


Can’t wait to hear what you think too.


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Re: Hello Everyone!

Welcome @Ngaio-RO!! (something weird happened to my main account guys!)

Re: Hello Everyone!

@Ngaio-RO Welcome and good luck, in ReachOut and parenting!

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