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ReachOut parents in the news!

ReachOut parents in the news!


ReachOut parents in the news!

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Did anyone catch our story in the SMH?


I love the quote from the mum they interviewed for the story...

"I was brought up the old fashioned way – children should be seen and not heard," she said. "That's a load of crap. I started listening and everything turned around for the better"


What do you think? Read the story here.



Continue to read the story here.


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Re: ReachOut parents in the news!

Great to see this article. Agree with Ms Lizzio who said there are many support services for parents of babies and toddlers but it tends to dry up as children enter their teenage years.

Well done Reachout for providing this space!

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Re: ReachOut parents in the news!

Nice one!

Re: ReachOut parents in the news!

Good one! I had shared with my friends.

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Re: ReachOut parents in the news!

I also love that there is now a place for parents of teenagers. When they get to high school you are so much less involved in their day to day e.g. you don't walk them to school. And you sometimes don't know all their friends or their friend's parents. You can feel quite alone when parenting teenagers. Yay for ReachOut Parents!
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Re: ReachOut parents in the news!

I know the family in this story. It had been a great journey for them to get to this point. Open communication is the key to maintaining good relationships with youth.

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