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13 year old boy obsessed with his weight

13 year old boy obsessed with his weight

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13 year old boy obsessed with his weight

Hi there. My 13 year old son is obsessed with his weight. Right now, hes at a healthy weight, but Im concerned about if he will stay at a healthy weight or if his weight loss wiil spiral into a full blown eating disorder.

Im curious if anyone else has experienced this with their son and how it turned? Did he grow out of it as he grew older? Hes so insecure and cares very much about what other people think.

Thank you.

Re: 13 year old boy obsessed with his weight

I really think being a little firm with him about eating with you at every meal time and packing healthy lunches for school and getting him into a sport of his choice will help this situation. I have a 13 year old son and he was always worried he was over weight but getting him into something he liked at the YMCA was good and we as parents are firm with making our kids eat with us at meal times and being positive around them and never putting ourselves as parents down in front of our kids. Your son probably hears negative things at school but just encouraging him with what's right and eating healthy and praising him all the time will actually improve this. I hope I've helped some what and just try and hang in there. These are difficult years for them.

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Re: 13 year old boy obsessed with his weight

Hi @JCS39, welcome to the forum, and thank you for sharing with us. I can hear the concern you have for your son and his health which is completely understandable.


When you say your son is obssessed with his weight, has he come from being underweight to being a healthy weight? Is he weighing himself constantly or careful with what he eats? I just want to clarify so I don't respond on completely the wrong tangent! 

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