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13 year old sniffing deodorant aerosols

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13 year old sniffing deodorant aerosols


13 year old sniffing deodorant aerosols

My 13 year old has been sniffing aerosol deodorants. She swears she was stopping but I found a couple more in her bag from when she slept over at a friends. Obviously we have explained how dangerous it is.

We have tightened her pocket money and need receipts for everything she spends money on now. Her friend bought these ones....

The Dr thinks she is depressed which is what is causing her to do this so and she has been on medication for a week. Starting to see a change in her which is good.

Has anyone else been through this and what has helped get you through/teen off the aerosols. She said she is struggling to stop.
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Re: 13 year old sniffing deodorant aerosols

Hi @Deebumblebee 


It must be scary having your daughter doing something which is putting herself at risk.

Sounds like you are doing the right things with trying to control access and getting medical help.


I can't add a personal anecdote as we never faced this with out kids and hopefully with time and some help it will only be a temporary thing in your family.



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Re: 13 year old sniffing deodorant aerosols



That must be really distressing for you.  Certainly this kind of behaviour can occur when a child expresses some depressive symptoms.  You've been really proactive with this to go the doctor, commence medication and already notice a positive change.  Well done!