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Re: 13yo SEXTING

thanks Pete, I tend to agree with all you have written.


I have my phone session today with a councillor from here so hopefully they can give me some more great advise.


thank you again.

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Re: 13yo SEXTING

There are things in life that blind side us. You have to try and get her father to understand his attitude to this is of no help and no value. She is a young person who in the eyes of her parents has made a mistake. how can either of you expect her to understand your point of view ,for you all to come to  some understanding of this if her father locks her out like this . he really needs some counselling and help before  the 2 of you can have an effective hand in guiding your daughter. Sorry if I sound rude , but this needs a much more measured and kinder approach than he is giving.What has happened has happened. She needs guidance and unconditional love