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14 years Marijuana

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14 years Marijuana

I caught my 14 year old daughter smoking marijuana last night. She said she has done it about once a fortnight for a couple of months.
I'm very upset and want her to stop.

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Hey @Ecilaenuj 


Thanks for coming here to get this off your chest. I can imagine how upsetting that would have been to discover. I think it's positive that she has been honest with you about how often she has been smoking, though I can understand why you'd want to support her to stop. 


We've had lots of parents come to our forum to talk about similar situations with their teens smoking cannabis. We've put together a thread here which has some resources about smoking which might help you find a way to have a discussion with your daughter. 


Let me know if any of the links on that thread are helpful. We are here to help you chat through this difficult situation. 


Re: 14 years Marijuana


It must be hard and shocking for you to get know that your teenage daughter smoking marijuana. It's not something what give wings to parents. As person below said - sincerity of your kid is good sign.


It's understanding that you don't want her to keep smoke. Have you talk calmly with your daughter honestly that you don't like it? Did she tell you why she reached for marijuana? Maybe she has problems which she can't cope by herself or maybe she just was bored or curious? 


I think it's better talk with her, without yelling and get nervous. Tell her sincerely that you're really upset. It's worth also to make her aware about consequences of smoking marijuana (you'll find them on google). If she has some troubles, tell her that you can try help her if she tell you what's going on.