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14year old grandson miserable. Need help

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14year old grandson miserable. Need help

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14year old grandson miserable. Need help

My 14 year old grandson is always so unhappy. Mom’s working 6 days to keep roof overhead. Dad’s a flake, I talk and see him a lot but he’s never happy. What can I do? He has a young sister 12
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Re: 14year old grandson miserable. Need help

I am so sorry to hear that your grandson has been struggling at the moment @Grandsonnumber1 , it sounds like things are a bit tough for him right now. He is very lucky to have a grandparent like you who cares so much Smiley Happy I was wondering if you've been able to have a conversation with him about why he's feeling this way, and for how long it's been going for? It might help to get a better sense of how to support him right now Heart

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Re: 14year old grandson miserable. Need help

Hi Grandfather,

Your grandson is lucky to have you, and I know from myself and my own kids how important grandparents are. Parents are usually at least somewhat busy trying to put food on the table, and grandparents play an often critical role in giving kids the emotional support and time they really need. I thought maybe you could do a few activities with him, if you aren't doing so already. Go for a bush walk, fishing, kick the ball around. Going for a drive and giving him the chance to open up. 

Some people like to talk about what's bothering them, but others don't and just sitting beside someone and knowing they care is what they prefer. 

You didn't say which year your grandson is in at school. My daughter's just about to turn 15 and has just got through Year 9. It turned out to be a tough year and it's a notoriously difficult year. 

Another thing that might interest him, is getting a part-time job to start getting a bit of money together himself. 

The only other thing I could suggest is joining a youth group. It's worked wonders for our son and he's grown so much and is now doing sound and becoming a leader. Indeed, he's doing things I never thought possible. Look at his interests and see where that could lead him.

Best wishes,


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Re: 14year old grandson miserable. Need help

It's great that you're an active part in his life.
Around this age I find they struggle with the fact that they are not little kids anymore but not taken seriously enough to make big decisions about their own life by many people.
Ask what he wants and needs. My 13 year old son cant really give specific answers sometimes but loves to just be heard even if there aren't answers.
Give him the opportunities to stay busy and active with people around him that care.
I like the previous youth group suggestion! It's harder to make new friends but youth groups can be the less daunting way to do this.