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15 year old runaway son

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15 year old runaway son


My 15 year old son keeps running off and refuses to attend school, I had spent alot of time discussing with him earning or learning and even helped him write a resume.

Unfortunately his friendship group has influenced him greatly and he has frequently stayed at random houses for days until I report him missing.

This time the police told me he was very angry when they located him and refused to come home and told them I kicked him iut which isn't true. He was using words the preciously time I seen him like "I can self place and safe" .

I explained to him drug homes are not safe and not being financial stable is also not safe, so it appears some of the parents of these homes have given him wording to use to justify his wreckers behaviour.

I fear there is drugs involved as each time I've managed to locate him he has been threatening towards me and basically telling me I have to tolerate it.

My issue here is the police, my child is at risk with these people and they are well known unstable homes in my suburb but I feel police are ignoring what I'm saying and telling me basically he has choose to leave 🤷‍♀️.

According to the law a 15 year is a minor and should be brought home if in an unsafe location?

Why does the law not help us parent, I can't even try to get my son help if I can't locate or speak to him?

He deliberately did not take his phone so I can't communicate with him.

I'm holding out hope he will come to me so we can chat but I'm literally lost and feel like no one is supporting me to be able to even find him to chat.

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Hey @nikki82,

Firstly, I’d like to welcome you to ReachOut and thank you for sharing your experience! I can hear how challenging and frightening it must be for you to have your 15 year old son hanging around in unsafe homes. This would be incredibly difficult for any parent, so how you’re feeling is completely understandable. I am wondering how long this has been going on for?

I can see that you’ve tried to find your son by connecting with police and reporting him missing. The response you received from police would have been heart wrenching to say the least. Being unable to locate or talk to your son, not knowing what he’s doing is absolutely terrifying and overwhelming. I commend you for trying to communicate and connect with your son, it is really admirable! Besides the police, have you connected with any local community services? You might be interested in connecting with Relationships Australia Queensland (RAQ) who are a leading provider of services that support healthy relationships and wellbeing. They have over 30 centres across Queensland which can be accessed in person, via telephone and online. They may be able to support you further and try to connect you with your son. 

 It is really easy to neglect your own wellbeing with everything that you’re experiencing, so I am curious if you have spoken about what's going on with friends or family? Sometimes seeing a professional for your own mental health can be really helpful, so I am wondering if you have any professional support at the moment? If you are interested in additional support, ReachOut offers free 1:1 parent coaching sessions which might be beneficial for you to discuss your thoughts and emotions.