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15 years old failing grades in highschool

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15 years old failing grades in highschool


15 years old failing grades in highschool

Hi, I have a 15-year-old boy teenage kid and I am dealing with a very stressful situation. Any advice or suggestions will be a great help 

It started in his middle school and he was not submitting his homework, will forget to do his assignment, and will not be prepared for the test. His grades were mostly below average.  As a father tried my best to help him but he will not listen to me. I tried a tutor but still no progress or help. Most of the time, he will sneak out and play on the phone or electronics if I am not around but not focus on homework or study. Hence I started being tight on him and sometimes I will ground his electronics, yell to him so that he can fix it an issue. He had weekly breakdowns but he will not improve. I will apply all tactics I can think of from giving him love, rewarding him for no reason, or being tight on him so that he understands that he needs to perform but no luck.  In his 9th grade, his falling grade continued, and hence as a concerned father, I became controlling his activity which he took negatively, and a few days back, he told his friends, that he is the plan to commit suicide.  His friend informed me secretly and I immediately took the physiatrist appointment to get him help. I stopped my behavior even if he still has failing grades.  Now I see him more positively but he has no respect for me as a father and does not pay attention to his work. He is also swimming and it seems he is enjoying his effort in swimming.  He is still working with a consular but I have no way to understand how do I help him. I feel to teach him a lesson by grounding his phone but I fear his suicidal thought but I am really concern about his career. He himself gets frustrated about his grade but he does not want to work for it. Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated - Ravi 

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Re: 15 years old failing grades in highschool

Hi Ravi. I'm glad your son is getting some professional help and well done to his friend for letting you know. Now perhaps it's time for you to see a professional to gain insights in how you can manage your anxiety about his future and also some tools on how to manage this situation now. I have an 18 y o who left school before end Y12, despite being a bright kid - just hated school. Prefers his TAFE course so at least he's engaged in something, and maybe in the future will still go to university. It's so hard isn't it? Best of luck
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Re: 15 years old failing grades in highschool

My son is struggling with this issue too. He recently got apart time job and that has helped his self esteem enough to help him realise the value of work. Perhaps that might help? Good luck 

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