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15 yo boy and 20yo girl

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15 yo boy and 20yo girl

My 15 year old grandson is meeting up with two 20 year girls, who seem to be seeking him out constantly. He is a quiet boy, on the spectrum but he is now lying about meeting them.

i feel this must be illegal, along with the fact that we worry about what they want with him. 

Is there anything we can do?


Re: 15 yo boy and 20yo girl

Hi @Grandparent15 I imagine it would be very worrying to know that your grandson is meeting up with older women and isn’t being honest about it.
Can I ask – how does your grandson know these two women and what is it specifically that’s worrying you about him seeing them? Has he mentioned what they do when he spends time with them?
I’m wondering if you would feel comfortable to ask him more about it – for example, could it be that they share a common interest?
I’m so glad you reached out here on the forums with this – we’re here to support you.