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15 yr old son has marijuana addiction

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15 yr old son has marijuana addiction


15 yr old son has marijuana addiction

Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me with tips on guiding my 15 yr old son who has marijuana addiction. I am a single mum with a 17 yr old daughter as well as my son living at home. He steals and lies and he has really put stress on myself and his sister. I've reached out to so many professionals but because it's voluntary on my son's part he doesn't engage. I'm at breaking point
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Hi @Lalaa and welcome to our online community!

I'm sorry to hear that you have been going through so much with your son's addiction, that sounds like such a tough position to be in. Have you been able to speak to your son about this? I wonder if maybe he could give you more of an idea as to why this might be happening.

I can only imagine how stressful and overwhelming this must all be for you, especially having to manage it all on your own. Do you mind me asking what supports you have around you at the moment? Is there anyone that you feel comfortable talking to about all of this?

The Raising Children's Network has a great article on Alcohol and Drugs that may be worth having a read of. It shares information around warnings signs and what you can do to help.

Please remember that you're not alone and we're all here for you.


Re: 15 yr old son has marijuana addiction

Hi Lalaa,

I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties with teen marijuana use.  I have empathy for you and send you strength and compassion.  I have travelled the journey.  My teen started acting differently at 15.  He changed friendship groups and we had a very frightening 18 months.  It was stressful and I felt maybe we’d loose him.  With marijuana use comes a multitude of others issues.  It takes its toll on the family. Parents feel powerless and siblings have to find ways to cope.  Stigma effects everyone.  It’s very isolating.

The way I coped was to reach out to the parents of the people my son was hanging out with.  Most of the parents were feeling the same.  I went to a parent support meeting for parents of teens in crisis, that was very powerful to be with others being able to talk about it openly.  I also reached out to SDECC who run drug education programs for parents of teens.  They have a self paced online course as well as zoom.

My son is 17 now and doing his HSC.  He still has a marijuana addiction, so I’m afraid no silver lining there. I’ve been able to keep a rule of never having it at our house, particularly because he has a younger sibling.  He goes for a walk every night, even in the pouring rain.  It’s hard to watch.  He is maturing though and has an understanding now that life has consequences, he didn’t have this understanding at 15.  I feel he is getting ready to quit because he knows he will be limiting his options work wise.

Hang in there.  It takes its toll.  You’ll find a strength you never realised you had and most likely even more love, compassion and understanding.