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16 year old son

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16 year old son

He has now left school
Early due to s hooks
Closing. Up all
Night and try's to
All day. I'm
Ally arguing with him any help please.
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Re: 16 year old son

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Hi @Polly15 , 


That sounds really tough with your son. When you say he's left school, is he still doing school work from home, or has he decided to leave schooling all together? 


It's been a really tough month for so many teenagers and their families with the uncertainty and stress around the coronavirus, and the impact on teenagers of schools closing and a lot of employment opportunities being lost. Was your son working before all of this happened? 


ReachOut have put together some resources for parents  on how to help their teenagers cope with coronavirus


We also offer free one to one support and coaching for parents, if you think it might be helpful to chat this through one on one with a professional, you can access free support here 


It sounds really exhausting arguing with him all the time, how are you coping with it all? Thinking of you, it is a really challenging time for so many parents at the moment, and you don't have to go through it alone.