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16m possible warning signs for violence

16m possible warning signs for violence


16m possible warning signs for violence

My son, 16, has never been a “typical” child. He’s diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, generalized anxiety, and obsessive tendencies. He is very immature, he’s been held back 3 grades at school, he has very few friends and is very socially awkward. I’ve started noticing small things, that put together, seem possibly concerning.
He really likes knives and weapons. He somehow got a switchblade, a few years ago, and I took it away. He asks frequently to have the switchblade back.
He’s fascinated (borderline obsessed) with WW2, specifically Hitler/Nazis.
He makes homophobic comments and jokes frequently, saying he’s against LGBTQ because of Christian teachings.
He hates young children, specifically babies. If we have friends over who bring their baby/small child, he gets angry and refuses to come out of his room (He stayed in his room for the entire day on Thanksgiving, refusing to come eat, because of our 18month old niece.
He makes jokes about school shootings and was obsessed with the “Pumped Up Kicks” song, until I banned him from listening to it.
So, my question is, do these things actually seem concerning, or am I blowing it out of proportion? Is my worry valid or just part of a Neuro divergent teenager?
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Re: 16m possible warning signs for violence

@Rhys99 we're so glad you reached out for support on the forums - we're here for you. 

This sounds like a very stressful and worrying situation for you - do you have support for yourself?

I notice you mentioned that your son has professional diagnoses and I'm also wondering if he has support from any services or workers? 
If so, do you think you could discuss this with them?

I also wanted to let you know that we're going to email you, so please look out for that.