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17yrold daughter visiting boyfriend without permission

17yrold daughter visiting boyfriend without permission


17yrold daughter visiting boyfriend without permission

My daughter has organised travel to visit and stay with her 17 year old bf 2 hours away without my permission for the weekend. She refuses my advice and her dad says it’s my call. I feel it is unsafe for her due to distance and the fact that the older lady who rents the home while seeming lovely is not in contact with me and has been assaulted previously by a male who just got released from jail. Legally what can I do.

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Hello @Lovemygirl17 , sorry to hear about what you are going through. It sounds like you are concerned for your daughter and unsure about what actions to take next. It must be hard feeling that way. You mentioned that you feel that your daughter being at her boyfriends house is unsafe, do you know if your daughter is safe at the moment? It sounds like it would be helpful for you to raise some of your concerns with your daughter. Have you been able to discuss these with her recently?


Unfortunately we cannot provide legal advice here on the forums, but if you are still searching for legal advice, Legal Aid is a free service that you can call up and and ask for some advice. Here is a website that can link you to the specific Legal Aid service for your state if you are interested. Hope this helps. 

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