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2 difficult teenagers ...twins...can anyone help ?

2 difficult teenagers ...twins...can anyone help ?

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2 difficult teenagers ...twins...can anyone help ?


I have  twins  15  years of age....1  boy and a girl...they arenot going to school...nasty   and aggressive....the boy is home  stays up late  playing computergames...the girl  goes out day and night  to see her   control...My husband is  disabled.We  donot have  any   relatives.I  donot think  they have  mental issues  but  they  donot want to see a doctor anyway.When  I   cannot  take them anymore  I  go to a hotel  and stay there for a few  days...They  broke so many things in the  house  because  they  fight a lot...Over the last few years  these problems  have got  worse  because  they are bigger..Any    tips?


Re: 2 difficult teenagers ...twins...can anyone help ?

Hi, I feel for you. I have 15 y.o. twin boys and I know it can be hard. What has helped me the most so far is booking a session for parents, here at Reach Out, it makes it so much easier to know what steps to follow to improve.


Re: 2 difficult teenagers ...twins...can anyone help ?

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Hey @sylvia thanks so much for posting. I am sorry to hear the twins are becoming aggressive with each other, this must be very frustrating. Sounds overwhelming for yourself and your husband.


ReachOut parents coaching is a free service we provide which  may be able to offer you support moving forward with these issues. There's also ParentLine which can offer you telephone advice around their behaviour. Please continue to engage in the forums and seek peer advice as well Smiley Happy


Have you set some boundaries with the twins? I.e. they will lose access to privileges temporarily if they continue to hurt one another? Keen to hear more. 

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Re: 2 difficult teenagers ...twins...can anyone help ?

I tried to set bounderies over the years....they get very nasty   every is torture...they break things  too..last time  it was the   tv...we do Not have a tv...   the way they are talking   to us  is terrible...they are swearing too...we  are older parents and we were told we were too soft...   I   do Not know what to do anymore....

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