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Re: Suspected Grooming by close family member

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Hey @Elsie, thank you for sharing this with us - I can only imagine how painful, and confusing the whole situation is.

It must be so difficult to know how to respond, but sounds like you've done all the right things in contacting FACs and police. That couldn't have been easy, but good to hear that they have been supportive. 

From your post, I can hear just how incredibly thorough, caring and supportive you are being towards your daughter- letting her know that you are there and willing to talk as and when she is ready to, and offering counselling - even though she doesn't want it just now - is amazing.  

Sometimes young people respond better to a less formal type of support - like a youth worker, or mentor / social worker, that can offer mental health support  without being too intimidating and formal. Often these services are able to meet with people in the home, at cafes, or even at school. 



If you ever feel stuck about where to start, or want to talk to a professional yourself - you could try the Parents Line - they offer fantastic support over the phone, free of charge. 


I'm hoping that some of our other members are able to offer you more insight and support from their own experiences. 


Make sure you're looking after yourself in all of this too - it can certainly take its toll, and you might need to be more deliberate about self-care and accessing your support network while you deal with this incredibly challenging situation.  Heart

Parent/Carer Community Champion

Re: Suspected Grooming by close family member

@Elsie I just want to let you know as well, that as a youth mental health service we generally report any disclosures of assault or abuse. Given that you have already given a report to Facs, we have logged a report from our end with the information we already have from your post. 

Let us know how you are. Heart

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