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Adelaide teen Psychiatrist recommendations?

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Adelaide teen Psychiatrist recommendations?

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Adelaide teen Psychiatrist recommendations?

Interested to hear from Adelaide parents on how you find a good psychiatrist.


We have struggled with our daughters mental health for a couple of years.  She has just turned 16.  Last year our GP suggested to us that she would try to manage our daughters prescription for anti-depressants, as she said it is so hard to find and get in to a good psychiatrist who specialises in teenagers.  She started us on an antidepressant, and then when that made her way too sleepy after a few months she put her on a different antidepressant ... but now that is making her narcoleptic also.  We are going back to the GP later this week when she can fit us in, but she has already said she doesnt know where to turn to next.


Our psychologist has recommended Headspace, but their psychiatrist only sees people who are currently seeing their own psychologists.


Is anyone using a really good Adelaide-based psychiatrist that they can recommend? I can pass this on to our GP to refer us to.  Surely there must be some parents on this forum who have gotten some success from a local psychiatrist that they can share.  If there is any weirdness about naming medical professionals in the forum then please private message me, I will be so grateful to anyone sharing with me.


Unfortunately my daughter is pretty shy of medical professionals by now, so ideally if there is someone who (a) specialises in teens, (b) is preferably not too crusty/pompous/weird and can relate well to a 16 year old angsty girl, and (c) is recommended, and (d) can help us trying some different meds til we find one that works.


We found our current psychologist through a recommendation from a friend (after trying several unsuccessfully) so I'm hoping this might be a good way to go for a psychiatrist. I'm sure the medical profession will be horrified at this "doctor shopping" but really I'm horrified that our medical professionals dont seem to be able to point us in the right direction.

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Re: Adelaide teen Psychiatrist recommendations?

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Hi @desmondo
Finding a good psychiatrist is something that a lot of parents struggle with unfortunately... so I'm really glad you've posted about it! I'm sure other parents will have tips and suggestions for you, and many will benefit from this post also! 


As per our guidelines we can't post specifics about medication names, or specific doctors names.. but we can have a more general discussion about how to find services in your area, and who you can ask for more specific information. Also worth mentioning that we also don't have a direct message system on the forums. 

Having said all of that - a good place to start is by searching here for a psychiatrist in your area. 

Also check out this webpage on Youth mental health services in Adelaide. 
You could also call your local mental health triage number - which in SA is 13 14 65 and ask them for information and services for your specific situation.


You mentioned headspace in your post; that individuals need to be accessing their psychologists to see their psychiatrist. Each headspace operates slightly differently so I would clarify that by giving them a call - and if that is the case, ask them about what they would recommend for your situation. 

It must be very frustrating trying to navigate this complex system - especially when your GP is saying they don't know where to go next! But please give the above a go, and let us know how you go. 
We are here to support you through this journey as a community, and will help you find other options if these don't help you! 


Re: Adelaide teen Psychiatrist recommendations?

Hello @desmondo,


Have you found a psychiatrist yet? Its an unfortunate situation with your GP saying they don't no where to go next because often a combination of a family doctor and a psychologist is a good balance. It is wonderful, however that you have sought out assistance for your teenager. Don't give up because I'm sure there is someone out there whom your daughter can see.


Hopefully the psychologist can be of benefit to your daughter. It must be difficult for her having seen several without continuing but great that she is persevering with the current psychologist.


My sons and my experience with dealing with professionals is that they are all different and you therefore take the positives and leave the rest behind.


Good luck with the medication changes and remember that the love and support you have been giving your daughter is more important than anything.

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Re: Adelaide teen Psychiatrist recommendations?

Hi, I'm glad I chance upon your post. I am also searching for a Psychiatrist in Adelaide. My GP had recommended 3 different ones but all three had different criteria and not suitable for my 17yo. The GP said their regular one that they use have moved interstate.
However, I am now googling and researching my own around town. This way I am able to give the GP the one I have 'chosen' and ask for that referral.
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Re: Adelaide teen Psychiatrist recommendations?

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Hi @Glaaa and welcome to our online community!

I'm sorry to hear that the Psychiatrists your GP recommended were not suitable for your 17-year-old, that sounds really frustrating. I do want to say a huge well done though, on taking the initiative to have a look around and see what other supports are around you right now.

As you mentioned googling and researching your own, I was wondering if you had heard of Your Health in Mind, at all?  They have a huge list of Psychiatrists all around Australia and New Zealand, so I wonder if maybe that might be able to help you narrow down your list, even just a little bit.

I also just want to remind you that you're important too, so don't forget to take care of yourself during such a stressful time.

We're all here for you.

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Re: Adelaide teen Psychiatrist recommendations?

Thank you very much for your recommendation!