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Adult brother parenting a teenage brother

Adult brother parenting a teenage brother


Adult brother parenting a teenage brother

I have no kids never been a parent but I'm helping my mom raise my brother and it's hard and don't know what to do. He's disrespectful doesn't listen well mostly to her and generally making bad decisions and I don't know how to get through to him

Re: Adult brother parenting a teenage brother

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Hello @Brotherparent and welcome to the forums! It seems like you are in a bit of a tough situation at the moment as your brother is being disrespectful and does not listen to you or your mother. It is really awesome of you to help your mother out by helping to raise your brother. You must care a lot about both of them.


You mentioned not knowing how to get through to your brother, which unfortunately is sometimes quite common. I am just wondering if you have been able to have a discussion with your brother about why he has been acting this way and how he can work together with you a bit more? We actually have some articles that discuss communicating with teenagers and some supportive parenting techniques that you might find to be useful. Here is a link to the article on effective communication and here is one on supportive parenting.  Hope they help!

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