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My 14 year has gone through a couple of difficult years. He’s alienated himself from his 3 older siblings, he’s rude, disruptive and breaks things. He talks to me in a really rude manner. I no longer feel i know how to parent him. I try to stay patient, but end up losing it. I’ve gone through the teenage thing 3 other times, but with this child it feels different. I feel I’ve lost him, my extended family and my other kids have comment on how rude he speaks to me, and yet when i try to parent him it turns into a battle field. I’m finding really hard to be around him as he’s just so sarcastic and rude all the time. Smiley Sad
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I'm sorry to hear how hard things have been for you and your son these past couple of years. It can be really difficult to see someone we care about act this way. Do you know if he acts this way at school or towards his friends? ReachOut has some articles on anger and anger management here and here that may give you some ideas on talking to your son, if you're interested. 


While all this is happening, have you been doing anything to take care of yourself? Such as self-care, talking to someone close to you or speaking with a professional? It's important to take care of yourself during difficult times. Helplines such as Parentline can be great places to start, what do you think?


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