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Angry school leaver

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Angry school leaver

My 17 year old son has just left school. He has done well and is into the university course and college that he was wanting. However, since leaving school he has had two or three angry outbursts (swearing, yelling, slamming doors etc) that appear to be way out of context.
As a result, he has had a bust up with two of his really good friends and has isolated himself from his entire group. Last night he left our house at around midnight and went to his friends and yelled at him. When he got home, he told us that he cries himself to sleep and his life is ruined. He believes that this one friend and his mum hate him and blames them for everything and refuses to see any other viewpoint.
He has had some of these friends since primary school. He is an introvert and is concerned about his future.

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Oh @Familyof6 that must be so hard to watch. Leaving school is such a huge time of transition and adjusting and can be enough for anyone to start feeling not quite themselves.  


It sounds like you have a really open relationship with your son and it's really great to hear that he opened up to you and told you how he's been feeling. There's some resources for parents here on how to tackle tricky conversations and build resilience to deal with these difficult changes that we're presented with in life. 


I'm just wondering if you think he might benefit from chatting with a counsellor about the angry outbursts? You mentioned it often happens out of context, which might mean there are some deeper feelings going on. 


Looking forward to hearing back from you!