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Antidepressants for 14 year old

Antidepressants for 14 year old

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Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old


I think you are 110% wrong here. My son was as the edge of serious self harm when he was diagnosed with clinical depression and AHHD. I mean Mr 7 was talking about what to do and how he would do it, the ultimate one too, which frightened his mum and me out of our skins. Quickly to the child psychiatrist, ADHD overlaid with clinical depression says he. After being referred for half a day to Westmead Brain and Behavior Centre we came back to the child psychiatrist with a sheaf of graphs which the shrink explained to us. His Dx of ADHD is rock solid from the graphs which complicated his depression greatly. Without proper medication he simply would never have recovered from his depression, ever. The psych and our son are still in a clinical relationship and he still takes meds for his ADHD, depression long gone.

With the greatest of respect, in the case of my son and very many others like him, they  simply cannot function without appropriate meds. end of story. Through the meds my son is NOT failing, he is at the top of his cohort studying law at a major university. He functions well in society and has had no thoughts of self harm for over a decade. Your comments about serotonin are only partly correct - serotonin is not meant to stay permanently at high levels in our brains, is is reabsorbed at an appropriate rate otherwise we would spend our lives wandering around with silly grins on our faces. The RATE of uptake is what becomes problematic in most depressive events, often exacerbated by any ADHD present. Adjust the rate to a normal timing for this person, and we have proper functioning. In general the meds can be weaned out of the patient after some months when normal functioning is reestablished. Been there, done that both personally and with my son.

Take home message:- do not ever presume to make such sweeping statements without any clinical evidence from the persons involved. Meds are often vital for many people and only an experienced physician in a clinical relationship with the persons can judge.

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Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old

Hi mbft Do you realise that your reply went to me Melindas and not the person who wrote it. Have a look back through the previous replies. I think I might be on page 1 and you can see what I wrote. Good luck with it all. Melinda
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Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old

I am so sorry Melindas. I was pretty upset and just pressed on reply. I will reply to the said person now. I hope things are ok your end.
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Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old


Well that made me feel great!! Thanks for expressing your views and making me feel like the worse parent ever. I am doing everything I can to keep my daughter going and if it means finding the right medication, which I am still doing, then that’s what I will do. You can not compare mental illness to cancer. Please keep your options to yourself in future as I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been upset by this.

Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old

Hey all, great to see such proactive views taking place on this subject. Just a reminder that both sides of the anti-depressant story are completely okay, this is a safe space to discuss each experience respectfully.

These drugs are exceptionally helpful for the daily functioning of many young people, and indeed can be detrimental to others. Just a reminder to be open minded where possible. And as mentioned, both a clinician and a mental health professional are most definitely the best resource to a tailored treatment for any young person. 


You're all a great support to your adolescent's, so glad to see the level of care and empathy taking place between parents, keep up the amazing work Smiley Happy

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Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old

Hi @Mbfwt

Thank you for speaking up and saying how you feel rather than leaving.  I feel confident that @Taeboogie meant no offense but I completely understand how it hurt you to read that. And thank you @waldo_pepper for your input.


We are very diligent here that we do NOT give out medical advice, but that works on BOTH sides of the argument.

It is absolutely just as dangerous to tell a parent they shouldn't be using meds as it is to tell them they should.


I am both a parent and a worker in this field and I would NEVER assume to know what a family needs. That's for the family and their health professionals to decide.

I do know there is a lot of misinformation out there about medication though. For both sides of the argument.

Just like any organ in the body can develop with issues, so can the brain and we no longer have to watch people suffer through it without medication and help. I have worked with many young people that are very clear that their medication has saved their lives. Just as I have worked with families where parents have been scared and overly quick to medicate because of that fear.

Ultimately though, my view is that the medication exists and is wonderful for the right people at the right times. 

Please don't let one opinion affect how you feel about your situation @Mbfwt. You're doing an amazing job and only you and your child know exactly what is working.


@Taeboogie your opinion is very welcome here but please remember to always keep judgements to yourself and remember that everyone is doing it tough and we all need support, not criticism.

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Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old

Hey @Mbfwt, please do not feel like a bad parent. I'm mum to a now 15 year old who has been on meds for many years after being professionally diagnosed, and they have saved her life and have helped in getting her to a place where she can function. She's now doing well in her school work, engaging with friends again, and has a part time job. 


We're loving parents who all want the best for our kids. I think it's wisest to listen to the professionals as we don't have their qualifications or expertise in these things. You're doing an awesome job @Mbfwt and please know we're here to support parents positively.


(Oh, and to reply to someone in particular you hit the @ symbol then type the name Smiley Happy)

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Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old

As this debate goes on I see that it might be possible to think that I came on a bit strong earlier about meds for kids. Sorry if I upset anyone but I am concerned to see every little person properly diagnosed and treated. All humans are different, each and every one of us, so only an experienced clinician having a clinical relationship with us can decide the best course. What I fear is someone being tempted to think that what worked for this person will work for my child without seeking appropriate advice.

Mbfwt, I am no medico, but I offer my experience in the hope that it helps and your child is helped to recover. Good luck and keep up your good work. My child is having a good outcome, I wish you the same.

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Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old

Hey @waldo_pepper, I don't think you came on too strong. I thought your post was very appropriate and told of your very real experience which was able to clear up some common misinformation. I appreciated it, for one!


I'm so glad your child is now doing well. These outcomes are what struggling parents need to hear - it gives hope that things can improve with the right care - whatever that care may be. 


Thank you for sharing.

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Re: Antidepressants for 14 year old

Hi @taokat

Thanks for your kind words.  My daughter is 15 now (this was an old post) and sounds just like your daughter.  We have finally found an excellent psychiatrist at the BDI who is closely monitoring and modifying her medication.  She is also seeing a psycologist for DBT and Interpersonal Therapy.  It's still early days but after an agonising 18 months we feel like we are getting somewhere.

Thank you for sharing your story, it has given me some comfort.


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