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Block Pornography

Unfortunately, my wife and I had to make a very bad discovery. We have found out that our oldest child (10 years old) was watching pornographic videos on the internet. Naturally, we talked to him about this issue and explained the dangers of pornography. He promised to not watch it again, but now realising how sudden such a problem can occur, I am asking you for help. We would like to ban all possibilities of pornography from our house, without completely preventing our children from using their smartphones. If someone has a solution, please please help us!


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Hello @jonasnoah , I am sorry to hear about your current situation. It sounds like a very difficult situation to be in. By the sounds of it, you are just trying to do what is best for your children, which is a really great thing. I am not aware of all of the options that you have to block websites, but I am aware that some phones, TV's and other devices have child-block options in their setting menus. This may help to block certain phrases or whole websites that may be considered child "unfriendly". I would recommend looking at the specific device's manual or even looking on the internet for some articles/videos that show how to activate the child block settings.


It might also be a good idea for you to get some further support from a professional around how to discuss this further with your partner and children. By having a search online you can find some parenting helplines that you may want to ring and get some advice from. We are an located in Australia and it looks like you are in another country, so our referrals and resources may not be appropriate. However, you are more than welcome to continue posting here as we have a wonderful community.


I have had a brief look on the internet for some parents helplines and found a website that should be helpful for you. I even found an article called "generation porn" from that website that sounds really informative and helpful for you. I would recommend having a look and seeing if they can support you a bit more through your current situation. Please feel free to keep us updated.  

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