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Borderline traits

Borderline traits


Borderline traits

My son has had previous trauma with his Borderline father. He complains that his stepfather of 2.5 years is a bad man whenever he is challenged to complete his chores. I feel out of my depth and the meat in the sandwich. My son is talking about leaving his year 12 studies so that he can get a job and move out. I believe that what he feels is real but often it's an over reaction. He was getting counselling but decided that he no longer needs it. I'm lost as to what I can do. My husband refuses to walk on eggshells but I'm feeling that I am and have lost confidence in parenting my son.

Re: Borderline traits

Hey @Gillyo7, thank you for sharing. Being the meat in the sandwich must be incredibly challenging and exhausting. How do you feel about your son getting a job and moving out? I am wondering if you think there would be any benefit for you and/or your current partner to attend counselling? It is so difficult when your child may need support but does not want to attend counselling. This is a common problem that parents face. All you can do is lend a supportive ear and make sure he knows that support is always available, even if it is to talk about his frustrations. I am also wondering, how do you look after yourself when things get really tough at home?

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