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Break ups

My daughter is 15 and her bf broke up with her. I don't live with her. How do I help her get past the hurt if I'm not able to be there and help her through this. I can talk with her. I'm always afraid of them thinking it's the end of the world and want to stop life.
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Hi @jcullen80,

Thank you for sharing. Breakups are really tough to deal with, especially as a young person. It can be hard to know what to say or do as a parent. Getting past the hurt can take time but there are things you might be able to do to help your teen through it. We have an article here with some tips. One thing I would emphasise is simply listening to your daughter and acknowledging how she feels. Emotions are not always logical so it is important to not be judgemental or try to correct how she is feeling. If you find that these feelings are more intense than they should be or are hanging around longer than usual, you can always get her engaged with professional supports. Does your daughter have any support at the moment?

Just so you know, I have sent you through an email too.