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I’m really worried about my son and hears why
From year 2 in primary school my son has been bullied through no foot of his own I’ll tell you why my sister left her husband and her husband started seeing a mum at the school and they thought it would be funny to stand at the entry gate in an attempt to intimidate my sister so i would meet my sister and walk her and her children in as I’m not so easily bullied or intimidated by people and I hate bullying anyway as a result they shifted there petty **bleep** onto my son and me determined to show my son that bullying is wrong and trying to set a stranded that bullies never win but little did I know this wicked lady had set her son onto my son and I later found out after that the school had opened a room for my son to go at little lunch and big lunch to hide in from this bullying as they would hit him over the back with sticks this is wrong on so many levels and he lost friends over it why was the Billie not removed from the playground the mums would hit my car and scream at me and when I would go to the principle he would believe there story that it was me not them it would take a couple of years for them to work out it was her see I dressed in Nike and Addis and she dressed in pants suits and was always calm and Collected and I was always upset and frustrated due to the fact no one was helping us she then decided to take me to court for personal protection order which she lost of course but the principal wouldn’t even come to my aid as the education department told him he wasn’t allowed to get involved apparently she even came to my house and put nails under my tyres this lady was unbelievable the whole time my son had to endure this and as a result has long-term issues I believe anyway we go to high school this boys gone but the bullying continues to the point where he had to get steroid injections in his shoulder and have slipped a disc in his back the However the school decides after me going to the police and the police telling me there’s nothing they can do because there’s a 3 strikes and you’re out rule in regards to this behaviour from children or teens and now his in year 11 and still being bullied he has adhd and school referral Asperger’s and multiple learning difficulties he’s never been on a camp school camp he has separation anxiety from me and he’s seeing a psychologist in regards to everything only no one will do anything what would you do because I’m a Deadset loss his whole schooling has been destroyed the whole experience being a child has been destroyed there’s so much more to it but I just can’t drive into the details otherwise would be here for a week of Sundays what do you think I should do I think you were going to the education department in suing a school supposed to be a happy and safe environment for children and the anti-bullying bullying policies that no one abides to
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I’m so sorry to hear that both you and your son have been experiencing this, it sounds like it has been a very difficult and challenging time for you both. I can tell how much you care about your son and how supportive you have been for him, he is very lucky to have you!

It sounds like it has been ongoing and I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t received much support from the schools, that must be really difficult for you to not have that support. School is meant to be a safe place for young people and I’m really sorry that your son has had such a difficult experience and been bullied. Bullying is never okay, and I understand how hard it must be for you to watch. It sounds like you have always been very supportive and provided such a safe space for him at home. I know that you mentioned someone came to your house and put nails under your car, I was wondering whether something like this has happened again and whether it is safe at home?

I understand how difficult this must be for both of you, especially since it has been going on for years. I know you said that your son has been seeing a psychologist which is really great. I was wondering whether you had any support available for yourself or whether you’ve considered speaking to a GP or a mental health professional?

Again I just wanted to remind you that you are doing such a great job of rallying support for your son and he is so lucky to have such a caring and protective mother. We are all here for you.