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Cannabis and Young People

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Cannabis and Young People

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Hey Parents, 


We wanted to make this post to acknowledge that over the past few weeks there has been a lot of talk about cannabis use. 


Firstly, it's really great to see you all here talking through these trying times. It's clear that you're all really caring parents that want the absolute best for your young people. A part of what makes online communities like this so helpful, is that you can connect with people going through similar challenges. 


I'm going to tag some people who have been talking about this but also recognise that the questions raised reflect different stages of using cannabis. From experimentation to addiction, so with that said there will be diverse experiences. As this is an international forum there will also be people coming from differing legal perspectives. 


@newtoparenting  @Maggiecoco @melinee @CBlovesherboy 


If you're wanting more information about Cannabis and your teen we have a resource here


For more specific resources head over to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation website here


There is also an awesome TedEd video here that is clear and teen friendly - could be a good one to sit down and watch with your young person to inspire an open chat. I've also thought of a few questions to get a discussion going, if you'd like to. 


ReachOut also has an article here on 6 steps to help you tackle difficult conversations. 




How do you plan for tricky conversations with your teen? 


What support do you need to talk about cannabis with the young person in your life? 


Thank you all again for your honesty and entrusting ReachOut with your stories. We are here to support you!


Re: Cannabis and Young People

Hey parents


I just wanted to tag some of you that have been chatting about cannabis use over the past week. 


We have created this thread so that parents going through similar experiences can connect as well as get some resources. 


@Amatt1970 @pinetruth