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Changing Schools



I have a 13 year old daughter who has had difficulty getting to school for a year now.  We have had attendance plans and the school has been okay about supporting her, but I don't think it will happen that she attends full time.


I am thinking of moving to another school catchment area.  I have tried to get an out of area spot for her at other schools and exhausted all avenues.


It would be going from a conservative all girls school of 1500 students to a much smaller, open minded, co-ed art focused school, which would be much more suitable.


Has anyone got any suggestions, ideas or comments on how moving schools has worked for them?  Anything would be much appreciated.






Re: Changing Schools

Hi @Penelope and welcome to the forums!
What a tough situation for you and your daughter - it sounds like you're doing everything in your power to support her. Has she been able to share with you what it is about school that she's finding hard?

It sounds like you've worked really hard to find a school you think might be more suitable - is moving schools something your daughter is keen to try, that she thinks could help?

I haven't been in this situation personally, but I do have friends who have moved their teens to different schools due to issues such as not being happy at school or being bullied.

The results seem to be very individual, but I do definitely know of young people who've found it helpful. 

I was wondering if your daughter has access to counselling or any other professionals who may be able to support her through the challenges she's facing around school?


Re: Changing Schools

I do agree with this. Many thanks.