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Cyber Crime Bullying

Cyber Crime Bullying


Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

Thank you @taokat and @Lily17 for your very important and pertinent comments on this issue . Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would hear such a tragic story around the consequences of bullying in my neighbourhood . This is the stuff of " 13 reasons Why "  only in America - land of the extremes !! Not in Melbourne. 

The mum is a gentle calm sweet level headed and kind hearted lady who is reluctant to make a lot of noise  and is afraid of ruffling feathers !  and going against protocol . Or hurting people's feelings !! , unlike me who would be harassing and hounding everyone for answers and action . The depth of anger and need for justice ( what ever form that takes )  I feel about this seems to me , not to be matched by  others and that puzzles me enormously .  I feel so sad  sympathetic , compassionate and passionate but  unable to help  . I approach this as if it was my own child. There by the grace of God.......

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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

Thanks so much for sharing your insights @motherbear - I'm sure you are not alone (sadly) and many could learn from your experiences...
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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

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I'm under same situation. Me and my daughter is being a victim of cyberstalked. I didn't report to anyone cuz I was afraid to do so. While looking for the solution I start searching on internet and I found a cause with a name Let's Stop Cyberstalking.


They've shared victims story and interviews which helps me alot and by reading their stories like yours i'm getting a way about how should i deal with that cyber stalker.

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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

Good to see that mod are helping here Smiley Happy

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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

The mods here are fantastic @EmmaParker! You will see them in every thread, offering their wisdom and/or keeping an eye on things Smiley Happy

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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

Thanks @taokat That's very kind.


I'm glad you're feeling good about this place @EmmaParker If you get a chance, @Lily17 has replied to your first post, she is really well versed in this area and has dealt with authorities.


@motherbear Such a tragic story. Are you close enough with the mum to do some advocacy on her behalf?

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