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Daughter doing drug runs

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Daughter doing drug runs

Hi. I’ve found out that my 18 year old daughter is driving ‘friends’ around to go and buy cannabis .!i am very concerned about this . She also has friends in the back of her car smoking and drinking whilst she’s driving and I can honestly say I don’t trust that she isn’t doing some whilst driving . She has become a compulsive liar and I just don’t know what to do anymore . Worried she will be stopped by the police and lose everything . She has a good job working with children but her friends don’t work . Any suggestions ?
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Hey @Fudge18


I can only imagine how stressed you must be after learning this information about your daughter. It's always difficult to watch our children make mistakes, but this is even more true when the situation could be potentially dangerous, or illegal. It sounds like it's been pretty difficult for you to have a conversation with her about this as well. I was wondering if you've seen our One-on-one parent coaching working with the Benevolent Society. It might be a good option to get some professional support and advice on the situation Heart