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Daughter with severe OCD

Daughter with severe OCD


Daughter with severe OCD

My daughter is seeing a therapist for her OCD and anxiety. She performs rituals all the time and sees things as dirty. This means she can't take certain things in her room because they are dirty so they stay in the front room downstairs or outside her bedroom in the hall. She has started wearing different clothes but for months she would wear the same outfit everyday and wash it everyday. She takes a shower with the shower curtain and bathroom door open ( its just her and I). She won't touch me. She says the idea of touching a female family member makes her skin crawl and thinks its because of the years my mother lived with us. My mother is manipulative with mental issues of her own. I can't talk about family ( I have 2 other children and 2 grand children) or she gets so upset and it makes her OCD worse. I'm so frustrated at how to help her. On top of all that her boyfriend broke up with her and she is devastated. She says he broke up because of her OCD. This may be true. My heart breaks for her because I don't know how to help her. I had a brain tumor removed May 19th and she wouldn't even hug me before I went to the hospital. She did give me a peck kiss on my cheek though.
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Hi @Crodeo00 , 


That sounds incredibly difficult for you, especially when you've had your own serious health challenges to deal with too. I hope you're recovering well after your brain tumor surgery, that must have been a really scary time for you. 


It's great to hear that she's seeing a therapist already, hopefully they will help her build up some coping skills to help with her OCD and anxiety. Does your daughter have any hobbies she enjoys that you could do together? Sometimes it's easier to open up to someone when you're doing something else - like hiking, or gardening or whatever. 


I'm also wondering if you're getting any support for yourself at the moment? It sounds like you've been through a lot, and having a child dealing with mental illness can be incredibly stressful. We are an Australian service and it looks like you may be in the USA, but I did find this number for a free parents support line that may be helpful?


We also have a great collection of articles and videos on how to help your teen deal with anxiety that might be helpful - you can check them out here


We're also here whenever you need to vent - you don't have to cope with all of this on your own.