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Depressed and withdrawn teen

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Depressed and withdrawn teen

My 19yo son is suffering with depression, will not continue with doctors visits or medication and has ceased all contact with friends. This has been going on for some time but worse in the last 5 months. We are persevering in our endeavours to support him but not progressing very far. My question do I respond to a text I received from one of his friends? He has had no contact with any of his friends (his choice) and has had his phone switched off for the last 2 months. He also hasn't engaged in any social media in that time and has never opened up to any of them how he is. They are worried about him but I'm not sure what I should tell them. Am I betraying his trust if I tell them anything? Advice please.....

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Re: Depressed and withdrawn teen

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Hi @AnnieB 


I wanted to check in to see how things with your son are going now and if they have improved any?


It sounds like you really want the best for him and I imagine it must be difficult when he refuses to accept your help. We have this video that talks about some ways in which you can support your teen with depression/anxiety that you might find helpful.


Has he spoken to you about why he's decided to isolate himself from his friends? Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigma around things like depression so I'm wondering whether maybe he doesn't want to tell his friends how he's feeling, and that it's easier just to remove himself from them instead. What do you think?


In regards to the text message to his friends, I think it may be beneficial to let your son know about it. Reassure him that his friends really care about him and want to know that he's ok. This could actually be a great way to start a conversation with him about why he's isolating and how integrating back with his friends who clearly care about him might be a good idea. Here's another great article with some examples on how you can help him with this.


Looking forward to hearing how things are going for you now.