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Drug test 15 year old

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Drug test 15 year old

My nephew smokes weed. His girlfriends mum understandably doesn’t approve and is saying she is going to drug test him whenever he comes over from now on. Is this legal ? (I don’t agree with his drug use, but he isn’t my child)

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Hi @Maree86 

Thank you for coming onto the forums with your concerns about your nephew. It sounds like what his girlfriend's mum has said about drug testing him, as well as what could happen with the mum or any legal consequences, has had an impact on your nephew and also yourself. Are you concerned about what might happen to your nephew if this ended up occurring? Have his parents been able to get involved in this situation?

Regarding whether it's legal for his girlfriend's mum to drug test him, we can't give specific legal advice. However, you or your nephew may find it helpful to use a free and confidential legal service like Youth Law Australia. If you click the 'get help now' button, you can send in a request for legal advice. Alternatively, Legal Aid has a legal advice line which could give you some information about the law around this.

I also wanted to pass on these articles about drugs and teenagers and how to talk about drugs with teenagers. You might find it helpful to use yourself or pass onto your nephew's parents. 

Let us know what you think. 

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Re: Drug test 15 year old

That's all interesting. Do you know what the girlfriends mum hopes to do? Is he not going to be welcome to visit if positive? Do you know how she plans to test? I feel like there would be a lot of consent required to test someone in a private residence...