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Father doesn’t want child

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Father doesn’t want child

hi, I have a 2 year old daughter ruby. I was with a man for 3 months his name is Shawn., I fell pregnant, I decided to keep it, Shawn said that he doesn’t want anything to do with me or the child . I said I would raise her without him. He never wanted to be on the birth certificate, I agreed at first but as I drew closer to giving birth, I changed my mind I decided I was not going to lie to ruby. Shawn has s dsughter around 13, she has know idea about ruby . The other day I saw them Shawn and brielle . I was with ruby and Shawn completely ignored us. Brielle showed interest in ruby straight away making her smile and I felt they had a conection, even tho they have no idea about each other . After seeing him after 2 years I felt as tho I should write him an email, just asking if perhaps seeing ruby had sparked any kind of emotions or maybe if he would like to see her etc . He basically shut me down and was still feeling the same as before. It’s so sad to me and I really want ruby to have a relationship with her sister brielle. I was thinking about writing an email to brielles mother who has no idea about me or ruby, and to basically let her know about ruby. I’m sure this would spark a lot of emotions for different parties, especially Shawn who will probably kill me. But at least I have tried and maybe later down the track brielles mother would tell brielle about ruby, and allow this relationship to happen. Need advice on what I should do please .
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Re: Father doesn’t want child

Hi @Lizzymum and welcome to ReachOut,


It sounds like a really challenging situation you are in, and I can hear how Ruby's father not wanting to be a part of her life has meant she has missed out on knowing her older sister. 


Reflecting on this post, what are your thoughts at the moment? 


I am hearing that this is a big decision for your daughter, and I can imagine that equally Shawn will have his thoughts about what he wants for his older daughter. Have you spoken to anyone else in your life, friends or family, who can share their perspective?


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