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Gaming addition?

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Gaming addition?

I am really concerned about my 16 yr old. The only time he seems happy is gaming. We have always said that he needs to do chores and excersize first and only weekends/hols. Lately though he is going on at all hrs and if we turn off the internet ed we feel like we r on suicide watch. We try and encourage other activities but with everything going on he is more than happy to drop everything including friends and only communicate with gamers. We were going to a psychologist but wasn't helping and atm no appointments available.
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Re: Gaming addition?

Hi @Jen132, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing that with us. It sounds like things have been quite tense and difficult in your home. Gaming can be an escape for some people and can help to provide space from negative feelings. Just like any behaviour, if it is excessive it can have its own consequences, as you have felt in your family. Is your son feeling suicidal when you turn off the internet? Was there anything in particular about the psychologist that was unhelpful? Heart