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HELP! Gay son potentially being groomed by adult

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HELP! Gay son potentially being groomed by adult

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Re: HELP! Gay son potentially being groomed by adult

I would definitely go to the police, your son won't get in trouble for the pictures he has sent I have heard of this many times with old friends of my son's. Your son is the one being groomed and at risk, now this disgusting pervert is attempting to groom you. Put him right in his place, or ignore if possible I couldn't. Definitely call the police and keep your son close. After the situation with my son he had a very lucky escape it sounds so similar, I worked full time and was shattered, but tried doing lots more just the 2 of us. 

This man will be charged, he has more than likely asked for the images and he has sent images, maybe don't tell him you are telling the police he could try destroying evidence. Hopefully once the police and Social services speak to your son he will wise up and rather than him going on dating apps they will recommend gay/bi/lesbian etc support groups locally where your son will meet others his age. I wouldn't worry about Social services they were very understanding and case closed within a couple of weeks they knew i'd done everything I could. My heart truly goes out to you.

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Re: HELP! Gay son potentially being groomed by adult

Hi @Laura83


It seems like you and your son have both been through a lot and you are quite vigilant which is good and now he is more aware of his safety from that experience. 


Thanks for your input. 



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Re: HELP! Gay son potentially being groomed by adult

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hey @Laura83 - thank you for jumping on here and giving so much thoughtful and thorough advice. 

That is really appreciated. 

It's so true what you've said about safety needing to come first - I also love how you've prioritized open communication with your young person the whole way through. That is so important. 


If there's anything you want to share about your own experience or get support, or even just to introduce yourself feel free to do so here Heart So glad to have you a part of our peer-support forum.