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HSC Fail

Hi everyone. New to this site so thank you in advance for any advice.
DD (18) got HSC results on Saturday (QLD). Failed her HSC and ATAR score was the lowest it could possibly be.
My question is, she’s always wanted to become a nurse so is there a way she can go down this path now with such abysmal results?
She has , IMO, everything else going for her to become a nurse just she was never academic.
I’ll be grateful for any advice on what she should do next.
Repeating Year 12 wouldn’t be an option for her as she hated school.
Thank you 😊
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Re: HSC Fail

Hi @Mumrun3,


Welcome to the forums. I can understand why you would be feeling a bit confused about what next steps your daughter can take and I'm wondering if you've had a chance to chat with your daughter's school about what's happened and what options she has?


Something that you might consider as well is getting your daughter to have a chat with future student services at your local universities, as they can also give information on what the requirements for getting into nursing courses are. 


It sounds like a tough time for both you and your daughter right now, and I hope that you can also take care during this period!

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Re: HSC Fail

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Hi @Mumrun3 , 


I just wanted to check in , and see how you and your daughter are getting on? 


As @TOM-RO  said, there's definitely a lot of different options out there. We have a great collection of resources on our page that she might find helpful about life after school, with young people sharing the different paths that they have taken, and ideas for what to do if things don't go as planned. 


Has your daughter looked into TAFE at all? I know several people who've started out as enrolled nurses through studying at TAFE, and then progressed to studying a bachelor of nursing to become RNs.  There's some good information on studying nursing at TAFE in QLD here, if you think she'd be interested in looking into that at all.   Most TAFEs will also have career counselling services, so they could also be useful people to chat to - we have an article about the benefits of studying at TAFE here


The HSC definitely isn't for everyone, and a lot of people take a different route to uni or further study! How is your daughter feeling about it all?