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Help! I am out of ideas re: school refusal

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Help! I am out of ideas re: school refusal

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Help! I am out of ideas re: school refusal


My son just turned 16.
He has had school refusal since the end of year 7. We have tried everything, Youth mental health service, Group works at a community health service, changing schools, a program called options.
He sees a clinical psychologist and his medication has just been increased. His main issues are social anxiety, he is quite smart and is just happy with his own company.
Has never been bullied, was quite sporty and popular end then gradually this all happened.
I just can’t find the right environment for him, he hates the current program he is in because there are some “loud” kids there which make him uncomfortable.
Any suggestions on schools would be great- we live in VIC .

As you can imagine, its been a long and difficult road for everyone involved, I just want to see Max happy. 

Thank you


Re: Help! I am out of ideas re: school refusal

Hello @Lenny80 , and thanks for sharing with us. I am sorry to hear that you have been going through some tough times with your son lately. It sounds like things have been really hard for your family. It is great that you have been so supportive of your son already and that he has been linked in with so many different supports. Hopefully your son has been finding them to be helpful. I am just wondering if you have had the chance to talk with someone from the school (your sons teachers or possibly the school counsellor) about any reasons why your son has not been wanting to go to school? Has he had the chance to see the school counsellor/psychologist for support yet? I also just wanted to quickly let you know that I have had to edit some parts of your post to make sure that it fits within our community guidelines Smiley Happy

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