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Here is the weird situation

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Here is the weird situation

If a parent wants the child ( teen) get accessed for Mental health assessment due to multiple experiences of non cohesive  behavior verbal and physical attacks via "Hospital and Health Service " the child has to agree to be seen? without that nothing happens

What if the child is refusing that they have mental health issue?

Worst if you mention the need to get accessed that becomes a trigger to another outburst

there is no mandatory system Except, Parents have to wait fora outburst incident, call the AMBOs ( with police attached) and Request a Mental Health Assessment

Then the ambo ( who has mental health clinicians attached at call center ) may or may not take the child to ED mental health, if they do then

so in other words a parent has to wait till something goes really bad 9

How lopsided is the law? against parents





Re: Here is the weird situation

Hi @mmjmmj,


Thank you for sharing your journey with us. From what I've read I can see that this has been a very challenging time for you. You should be very proud of yourself for the progress you have made and the dedication you’ve shown for your child. 


These systems aren't always the easiest to work around and don't always make much sense, the steps you've taken however towards working through them are incredible you’ve shown much resilience and it’s not always easy to find that in ourselves. It's amazing to see. 


While maintaining the support of your children can feel as it is always top priority it is important to remember that our own wellbeing is just as important. 


I was wondering if you have any self care techniques you like to practice - this can come in many different forms, something that makes us feel good and helps us rest and regather. 


I was also wondering if there was any other support you might be able to reach out to either friends or family or even professionals such as a counselor or psychologist. These things can also contribute to self care 


I also wanted to let you know that we have edited out some identifying information about the services you have been accessing to align with our Community Guidelines.


Again i just want to say thank you for sharing your story, you should be very proud of how far you’ve come 🙂


and please don't be afraid to reach out 


All the best. 

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Re:Adolescent Mental Health are we doing more harm then good?

Thanks for kind words

With admission to Adolescent Mental health ward are we doing more harm then good because child is constantly arguing and getting agitated  that I don't belong here and nothing wrong blaming parents for putting him/ her in to the situation

They suggests weekend leave but afraid child may not come back and another disaster on hand

Part of mind says we have taken the correct steps child is in professionals hands and part of mind says is this harming, child missing school and other things...



Re: Re:Adolescent Mental Health are we doing more harm then good?

Hi @mmjmmj,

I can see that what you're going through is mentally and emotionally taxing. Having two minds about what to do would be really difficult to say the least. I can hear that you care deeply for your child and want to ensure you are doing what is best for them. 

The concerns that you have about the child missing school are normal and valid. I understand the importance of not wanting to harm your child further and having them miss school as a result. It can be really daunting and can put you under a large amount of pressure.

I'm wondering if you could have a discussion with the school about how the child can catch up when they are discharged? Or perhaps talking to the school about what the needs of child might look like when they are back at school again? 


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Re: Re:Adolescent Mental Health are we doing more harm then good?

School i supportive that is not  the issue , it is the child's' refusal to accept the mental health treatment while under observation ,,,I am seeking other parents who might have experience the same or others who know what happens

Health professionals and even school says child's mental health is more important than school , true but child is not in a state of mind to understand and because refusing medication not being able to come back to "normal levels"

smart kid so uses the smartness in a clever way and because not at the extreme end of spectrum it is harder