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High school tears

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High school tears

My 12 yr old daughter had her first day of high school today, after missing around 2 months of grade 6 last year due to anxiety, we were thrilled that she went today and had a fantastic day.
Tonight she came to us in tears saying that her 2 friends from primary school that she was with today, have decided they don’t want to be friends with her anymore. Naturally she is devastated and now says she can’t go to school because she doesn’t know anyone. We have tried talking to her but i do t know what to do, i am so upset that her friends have done this to her.
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Hi @Cosplaymum 


Thanks for reaching out, it sounds like it was an upsetting day for you and your daughter yesterday. Such a shame after she had such a positive day at school beforehand.


I was wondering if you have had support from a psychologist or therapist to help with your daughter's anxiety in the past? Do you have any strategies in place when something upsetting like this happens? This is a great article that you might find helpful. Also this article gives advice on how to support your teenager with friendships that you might find some useful tips in too.


I hope you and your daughter are having a better day today, we are always here if you need support.