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How best to parent a teenager that uses cannabis daily.

How best to parent a teenager that uses cannabis daily.

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Re: How best to parent a teenager that uses cannabis daily.

My daughter only spent a few months on and off at her dads. However her cannabis smoking has now turned into a really bad full-time addiction. She does smoke it because of depression due to 2 really awful traumatic events that happened to her. Going back a few years ago her boyfriend (at the time) tried to commit suicide in front of her. This completely changed her as a person, and she associated smoking cannabis with suppressing feelings. She did go to headspace, and it takes alot her her to open up to someone and after 4 sessions when she finally did feel comfortable the counsellor decided that she wasnt the right person to help her and reffered her to CAMS as my daughter had PTSD. My daughter refused to go. But after all this i did manage to get her off the weed. But as of today its a huge problem that is not only affecting my daughter, its affecting the whole family. My daughter doesnt and has never worked, she spends all day in bed stoned. I have put all my effort into trying to help her and getting her help, but she wont take it. So im at the point now where my only option is to do the tough love thing and cut her off completely. She has been at a friends house for the last 2 weeks since her and her boyfriend broke up. So i have been in contact with Uniting Care ReGen about rehab treatments. And as we speak im in the process of writing a message to my daughter letting her know that she isnt allowed back home unless she agrees to do some type of withdrawal and rehab program with ongoing counselling. Its killing me having to do this but this is what it has come to. Her mood swings have turned into these fits of rage, we are all walking on eggshells around her when shes here and this is no way for my son, partner or myself to live. So im trying to write her a message explaining this and what the rules are, im finding it quite difficult, as i want to message to be sturn but simple. 


Re: How best to parent a teenager that uses cannabis daily.

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Hi @ThatRedHeadChic


I am so sorry to hear that you, your daughter, and your family have been going through such a difficult time over the past 2 years. It is extremely heartbreaking that your daughter witnessed such a terrible and scarring thing like a suicide attempt. 


I can really hear that you're feeling exhausted, stuck, and concerned for not only your own wellbeing, but the wellbeing of your entire family. It sounds like you could use some professional support, as well as the peer support that we offer on RO. You might be interested in having a look at one-on-one professional support that we have been offering in tandem with the Benevolent Society and the Australian Federal Government. You can find out more about this service here Smiley Happy I hope this helps, and please do check back in with us with an update on how you and your family are going Smiley Happy 


Re: How best to parent a teenager that uses cannabis daily.

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relating to the issue, my grandson is 17 will be 18 in July, he stared using cannabis little after he changed dramatically he talked to him self stay out all the time always in a bad mood, to a point where now as today we have no choice than to place him in rehab, what we being through is sad and it hurts to see my grandson such a smart boy graduated with honors sweet boy now is going through mental issues,my advise to you is to do anything in your power to get him help to quit...Good luck

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Re: How best to parent a teenager that uses cannabis daily.

Hi @workingdad2 I’m reading all of this with interest but realise it’s an old post. I’m in the thick of it now with my daughter and am wondering where you are all at with your kids. Was it a phase? Any advice? We have a lovely relationship but there’s no doubt the weed use is affecting it and very upsetting

Re: How best to parent a teenager that uses cannabis daily.

Dear @Pink_ribbon, and welcome to the forums. Thank you for checking in with @workingdad. It would be very difficult to see your daughter using weed.


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