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How to help my 14 year old lose weight?

How to help my 14 year old lose weight?

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How to help my 14 year old lose weight?

My 14 year old daughter is overweight. . She has severe social anxiety (had since she was 4) so I don’t know if sports are a good idea

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Re: How to help my 14 year old lose weight?

hi @lovethevoice

My 15 year old daughter is also overweight.  She has expressed so much sadness over it.  She and I decided to join weight watchers together.  We also go to the gym together a couple times a week.  Even loosing just a few pounds per week has given her a huge confidence boost.  Another change I made was I keep the junk food out of the house.  I keep fruit cut up in the fridge, nonfat greek yogurt, cut up veggies and we have switched to almond milk ( my daughter drank a gallon of milk a week)  gold fish crackers instead of chips.

You could even possibly take your daughter to see a nutritionist and help her come up with an eating plan.

I know people might say we don't want our daughters to focus on their weight but we know loosing just a little will help their anxiety- and actually we are focusing on their health.


Re: How to help my 14 year old lose weight?

Welcome to the forums @lovethevoice and thanks for sharing your story here. Awesome suggestions @sunflowermom, what do you think about these?

I really agree in that it is about focusing on health rather than weight! I think this is really important in allowing children to care about their health and feeling good rather than just how they look.

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