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How to stop my 17 yr old son to gamble?

How to stop my 17 yr old son to gamble?


How to stop my 17 yr old son to gamble?

Hi I'm a parent of a 17yrs old boy,I've been trying to talk to my son about gambling and how it can become dangerous if not careful, he started last year during footy season with his friends, I keep on telling him that he's loosing more than he is winning, I got a calendar for him so he can write down all his bets how much he loos and wins per week, that didn't work,I show him the bank statement,he says yeah mum you a wrigh I'll stop but after couple of days he talks with his friends and he starts again... I'm lost of thing to try...if anyone has any ideas please I'll be all ears... thank you

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Hey @Kikka75 , sorry to hear about what you have been going through with your son lately. It sounds like you care a lot about your son and want to help him as much as possible. It can be really hard to support people through things, so it is really great that you have reached out for support to help you. I have had a look and found a website that you might find to be useful. The Gambling Help Online website has a page that discusses how to help others that are engaging in gambling. Here is a link to it. They also have a helpline that you or your son can call or online chat with someone to get some more support and advice. Your son might also find speaking to a counsellor from Kids Helpline or Headspace to be helpful. They offer free counselling services where he can call up and speak to a professional about what he is going through. Smiley Happy

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