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Hynotherapy for anxiety or mood disorders

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Hynotherapy for anxiety or mood disorders

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Hynotherapy for anxiety or mood disorders

Has anyone here at Reach Out tried hynotherapy for any mental health disorders.

My daughter has been struggling for about 18 months with generalised anxiety and over the last 6 months or so she has extreme mood swings. The symptoms I have definately noticed are more prominent the week before her periods, the week of and the coming days after. Then it is like my girl is back with her being more relaxed. The dr has just put her on depression medication to try even out her emotions but will take a couple of weeks to see if working.

I am researching if this might help her with her peer relationships. I worry I will always be here for her through thick and thin but worry her mates won't tolerate her mood swings forever.
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Re: Hynotherapy for anxiety or mood disorders

Hi @Help_needed and thank you for reaching out Heart 


It sounds like you have been looking at a ton of different options to support your daughter. It is really great to hear that she is seeking support and has a doctor monitoring her health. You've mentioned a couple of things here, the first that your daughter has seen some changes in her mood recently, and that she is struggling in her interpersonal relationships. Both really important indicators you have identified that something more might be going on that she may need support with. 


Is your daughter seeking the support of a counsellor/psychologist? What are her peer relationships like at the moment?


Unfortunately I can't give advice around hypnotherapy, but can hear that you are doing everything you can to support your daughter. Happy to refer you to some more resources if you are interested?


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Re: Hynotherapy for anxiety or mood disorders

Hi @Help_needed 


Sorry I cant offer any advice on hypnotherapy as I haven't had it personally or anyone in my immediate family used it.


I imagine the effectiveness would depend on what sort of issue a person has been having, if they are physiological or physiological and the effectiveness and skill of the hypnotherapist.


I would be very careful about going down this path without discussing it with her physiologist first.