I heard my mom and dad fighting last night. Should I do?

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I heard my mom and dad fighting last night. Should I do?

Last night, I heard my parents fighting about this problem we’ve been facing for two weeks already - financial problem. I heard my dad screaming because his business is failing already and my mom is not supporting him the way a wife should do. A foreign feeling of fear came to me last night, knowing that my dad may have hurt my mom since she’s crying so hard. What should I do? My work is not enough to support our family and how can I help my dad’s business survive? I need your suggestions please!



Re: I heard my mom and dad fighting last night. Should I do?

Hey there @lovelydaughter, thanks for sharing this sounds really painful and I can hear very stressful for you to be exposed to, you must be very concerned for both of your parents, especially your Mother.


ReachOut parents forum is intended for use by parents of 12-18 year old Australians. Anyone is free to read content but you must be a parent to post on the forums, whilst this is the case I do think it's important you get some support around what's happening at home. I can see you're living in the USA - if you're Mum is at immediate risk of harm please do phone your local emergency services. I have found some resources below in terms of online communities that could be super helpful to you in supporting you through this challenge, dependent on your age range, there's a couple of options - 





Please look after yourself Heart If you have any further questions feel free to send us an email at forums@reachout.com