Illicit drug use in teens.

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Illicit drug use in teens.

Hi there. My 17 year old has admitted to smoking an illicit drug on a few occasions and I was completely shocked and fearful for her. We’ve had many open discussions over the years about illicit drugs use and their long term effects etc. She promised me that it only happened a few times, weeks ago so I requested that she supply a urine sample so I could test her. The test was positive and she admitted to using it more regularly but that she doesn’t have an addiction.

I have told her in the past that I will not accept illicit drugs in the home and around the other children and that she would be asked to leave if this were the case.

So today I told her to pack up her things, making it clear that she is loved and welcome back when she stops using illicit drugs. 

Other illicit drug use has been an ongoing issue along with self harm etc for 5 years now. I’ve been getting her help since she was 13 and continue to try the strategies recommended but I feel like I have nothing left to give. I feel so sad for telling her to leave but I feel like I’m out of options and don’t want to put my other kids at risk. Does anyone have any further advice?

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Re: Illicit drug use in teens.

Hi @Dot000 


Thank you for sharing what has been happening for your family. I can only imagine the shock and concern you felt when your daughter told you of how her drug use is escalating. It's a scary thing to watch happen and I'm just wondering if you have a support network to carry you through this time? 


I also appreciate the stance you have needed to make for the other children in the household. I'm just wondering what safety networks your daughter while she is out of the household? Are there any support services involved with your daughter at this stage? 


We have some resources here that you can check out around teenagers and drug addiction. I'm sure there will also be some other parents here who are able to share their wisdom with you. 


Just wanted to let you know that I did need to edit your post as some of the content did go against our community guidelines that you are welcome to have a read of here


Hope we hear back from you soon. 


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Re: Illicit drug use in teens.

Hi @Dot000,


Just wanted to check in. Sending our wishes your way today and hope to hear from you soon Heart