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In denial about self harming

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In denial about self harming

Hi, needing some information about self harming, my daughter clearly hurt her hand and the story she tells she is adamant she did not hurt it 😳 is this normal to be in denial about it?


Re: In denial about self harming

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HI @Mumneedsadvice I'm sorry to hear that you feel as thought your daughter has been self-harming. It sounds like things are quite tough for you at the moment as you care a lot about your daughter. You mentioned that your daughter is adamant she didn't harm herself but that you think she is in denial. Is there anything in particular that makes you think that the harm was intentional?


I also just wanted to ask if you have any concerns for your daughter's current safety?


I also just wanted to let you know that I have edited some parts of your post to fit in with our community guidelines.